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Kits for Schools

Living Willow Structures in Schools

We are increasingly selling our living willow structure kits to Schools. As well as providing long term, living play areas in which to have fun, they are also being included in wildlife and sensory gardens, with their construction, maintenance and observation of growth being related to the national curriculum in many ways.

At the end of the 2004/5 season we provided Teachers TV with a living willow dome/playhouse kit to be featured in their Resource Review series, which highlighted the use of willow structures for outside play and learning.

To grow willow from unrooted cuttings or whips, the willow should be cut and planted after leaf fall and before leaf bud - that would usually mean late November to early March.

We provide simple basic Living Willow Kits that can create attractive structures very easily. If necessary, one person alone can ‘build’ a living willow structure and probably take less than an hour to do so (if the ground preparation has already been done) - there is no need for any previous experience or particular skill. They are very easy to make !

Of course, it is more fun if there are more people and the children can be involved to a great extent. The willow is very flexible and forgiving and detailed instructions are provided with the kits - if you have clear ideas on the type of structure you want to create and also wish to involve the children in the design process too then order from the individual whips list according to the lengths required.

Having had the fun of creating the living willow structure in the winter, there is then the pleasure to be gained from seeing the new growth start in the spring and then weaving it in as the growth becomes longer to make a denser more enclosed area.

The children can observe the effect of the changing seasons on their structure and, of course, it will continue to be a useful (and fun) resource for years to come.

Our Living Willow and Kits have been ordered for Schools by both Teachers directly and Parents Groups.


Click Here to see how easy living willow structures are to make, and also to see more photographs of completed structures.


How To Order :
If you wish to pay when placing the order, either order on line through the secure shop or print off the order form and send that with a cheque. A receipt will be provided. However, if you would like to pay on a Proforma Invoice just get in touch with the order details and we can arrange that for you.

Delivery :
We commence cutting and despatching after leaf fall, which is generally at the end of November.  Some schools like to take delivery as soon as possible whilst others prefer to delay delivery until the New Year. 

We are happy to send the willow to suit your requirements, but the willow must be sent by early March.
However, even if you do not want the willow until late in the season, please order as soon as you can as we have sold out before the end of the cutting season every year so far!

Other Ideas :
When some Schools have wanted to create secluded class size teaching areas larger than is possible with a Living Willow Dome they have planted a ‘Fedge’ as a circle.


If you are able to come and collect your order then we would be happy to see you - with small groups of children if you wish.

Also, longer than 9 ft willow whips will be available if you collect - we can adapt our basic kits for the longer lengths if you prefer - just give us a call.

Please feel free to telephone anyway if you would like to discuss your own design ideas or any aspects of your order.


Please also see our FAQ page
for further information and advice.




This photograph shows how Cassie Liversidge, Paul the Gardener
and the children at Chisenhale Primary School in London have put
two of our ‘Adapted’ Dome Kits plus some extra whips to an
imaginative use in the limited planting space of their playground.

If you and the children at your school would like to similarly adapt or enhance our kits with your own design features (such as windows or
other woven features) we are happy to provide the extra willow
necessary and offer advice.

A standard Wigwam Kit


A standard Dome kit combined with a Mini-tunnel kit.


A standard Dome kit combined with Fedge kits
to create an enclosed living willow area.

All of the above kits are photographed as just planted in December/January or February. By May they will show lots of new green growth, and by July there will be enough long new growth to start to weave it in and out to
thicken up the structures and to make them more enclosed.

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